febbraio 2013


The recognition and sincere admiration by the customer, that got what he wanted and invested for, that is the real wealth. That is something that spurs you on to work your best. Marco is currently working on a very ambitious project for the construction of a luxury residence, consisting of over 40 apartments, on the lake of Lugano. “It will work,” says Mark, “this project will enhance the character and attractiveness of the coast, including the towns; Morcote and Melide which are the most beautiful towns on the south-west of the city.” One of the people that has influenced Marco from the point of view of ethics and discipline in the work is his father. A man who has always been respected by Marco because of the rules taught in life, as well as for his dedication to his family. Another important figure for his training and the achievement of his objectives is his wife, who, as he himselfsays, encouraged him to always have confidence in himself.