September 2013

The Man That Combines Sport, Music, Business and Humanitariun Work

Marco Chiancianesi is a man of infinite virtues. He is a manager and builder by profession, but also an athlete, philanthropist and musician. His name, Chiancianesi Longoni, appears in real estate all over Ticino and from this it is easy to see the leadership that characterizes this man and his passion for the exclusive properties of Switzerland. The same passion that enriches his heart is solidarity and unity and that ties in with humanitarian projects. Sport is certainly one of the most competitive aspects of his character, which taught him from a young age, discipline and respect for rules. He defines himself as “one who never gives up ,” and for this not only holds results that are truly admirable but teaches that perseverance pays off in life , you only need to commit to go all the way. For Marco, 2006 was a very important year where he undertook one of his toughest challenges; a triathlon of 1 km and 900 meters of swimming , 90 kms of biking and 21 kms and 100 meters of running. In this challenge you not only need physical strength but also mental. This was probably the real challenge that Marco needed to face to reach the finish line. Just as we appreciate the sport, we can not forget about the musician. Marco loves art and somehow manages to transform it into his own. Like many of his concerts there was one so beautiful we must mention. Held in December 2007 in St. Petersburg , Marco was able to communicate with his guitar beyond just music. This music that comes to the heart and excites and moves you was not only his This music that comes to the heart and excites and moves you was not only his personal success, but a success given to those who really needed something to smile about. In September 2009, arrives another challenge for Marco: complete the Summer Village. This is one of his most anticipated projects. It made him finally free and able to manage the work according to his own ideas and this was yet another confirmation that freedom is priceless. Then in February of 2010 he went to Haiti to help the victims of the earthquake. Marco helped organize events and raise money. The children were the most exciting part of his life they are his courage. For these children he would not hesitate to leave everything to be with them. This year, in February, another major project filled Marco with pride: the great project of Villa Branca. It is a project which has the aim of improving the character of the coast, which could make it even more attractive and fascinating. All this determination to the search continues with the good and right and also comes with the most important figures in his life , which are his father and his wife. “All great deeds and kindness rely on the fact that reality and stability comes from the solid foundation of a family. From this are born the men and women that grow to become successful.” Marco Chiancianesi