October 2013

Marco Chiancianesi is the new Bimota’s President

Forty years after Bimota officially started manufacturing its first production model, we are witnessing a historic shift in the life of the legendary Rimini-based custom motorcycle manufacturer: the transfer of ownership to the Bimota S.A. group, led by Marco Chiancianesi as president of the company and by Daniele Longoni as vice president, two entrepreneurs as well as motorcycle enthusiasts.
The two business partners, who operate in the construction and real-estate business in Switzerland, will endow the capital necessary to the reorganization and re-launch of the trademark through new plans and investments, keeping the production site in Italy, in the historic Rimini-based premises. Continuing along the same pathway as indicated by Engineer Comini over the last decade, the aim is to keep improving the high quality standard of the custom hand-made models, also strengthening the company’s management team at such delicate historic moment for the global economy.

The first test for the new management was the “Misano Circuit Classic Weekend” event organized in partnership with the MWC Marco Simoncelli circuit, on October 18th, 19th and 20th 2013. A revival event, a road run to admire the legendary Bimota bikes, and an occasion to meet up old and new devotees of the prestigious manufacturer. During the first day there was also a visit to the home of Bimota Rimini, the bike parade at the Misano Circuit and buffet at restaurant of the circuit with rock music performed by Chiancianesi Marco, Daniele Longoni and many other friends…

A success just rising up!