October 2013

Marco Chiancianesi Between Music Solidarity

On October 10th at 20.00 the office of Chiancianesi & Longoni will host the music of “ Unity Wave”, the formation of the same Marco Chiancianesi , as part of charity event “ Rock 4 Rwanda”. The purpose of this evening is to donate the proceeds from the sale of tickets to Manishimwe Association, an association that has been involved in supporting the children of the small town of Masaka , located near Kigali, capital of Rwanda. In particular, the project in progress is to build a primary school. Marco Chiancianesi, wants to help but not only financially but to help carry forward the dream of many families in Masaka which is to give a chance to the future of their children.

The families of Masaka are the most important people, through the voice of the president of the Manishimwe, James Baruffaldi, who will talk about his experience in the community and will present the progress made by the children in school and the daily work of many volunteers who work with passion.

The final moment of the evening will consist of the sale, by auction, of small items of Rwanda and of course the proceeds from the auction will go entirely to fund the project .

To take part in the evening call 00(41)-076-373-2372.

For any further information please visit the website: www.chiancianesiforchildren.org