Marco Chiancianesi



Often it’s necessities that bring out our true capacity, of which we ourselves, until that time, were never really aware of. The first step, which marked the beginning of the prestigious career of Mark, was to decide to become independent and manage his work without the interference of others. There are always difficulties, but the desire to fly and the need to get rid of the chains holding you down, are such as to be worth every risk.

The project that Marco is most proud of is the first major site created. It was an important job, challenging and full of obstacles that would of scared anyone. Marco also had to raise the funds necessary for the construction of the village of about 50 apartments and also organized the whole technical part. He realized that he must truly have confidence in himself in order to accomplish projects such as that one. A great help in this endeavor was his partner and friend Daniele Longoni. You decide that all will go well and it will be a success.

That is how it works.

His determination, combined with skill and talent led him to complete a project in which few believed in. You have to be strongly determined to do something and be prepared to take risks, to be successful. At this stage that Marco realized he had the ability and power he actually succeeded. The most important quality that a manager must have, he explains, is rationality. Strong rationality allows a situation to be observed in a three hundred and sixty degree way and also in a detached way as so to catch all aspects. No bias, no fear or brief enthusiasm but only an analytical vision. This ability goes hand in hand with another gift that Marco has amply demonstrated, in all these years he has been able to create a close-knit team that work together, in which all parts are in perfect balance and harmony.

It is not an easy task, but essential, because it is often there is not enough self-confidence and absolute determination to achieve certain goals and you need a united group behind in order to do this. This applies in work and in life . This also involves a good deal of diplomacy and insight , in order to detect problems and negativity and fix situations, in total harmony. “An entrepreneur risks!” , explains Marco , and it is hidden in the risk , that hides the true gain. Obviously the more experience you have , the smaller the mystery. Whenever you deal with a situation, you learn something new, a lesson that on the next occasion will serve to help avoid mistakes and help consolidate success.

It is necessary to observe and make decisions according to the greatest good for all parties involved, not only for themselves. Just to accumulate experience, a young man who enters the world of work should first choose a field familiar to him, taking as a reference point someone who is considered an authority in the field as so to learn as much as possible. Then comes the time for him to jump and identify accurately those who should accompany him. The important thing is to have a goal, whatever it is, a goal to never lose sight of and that is worth fighting for. This applies not only in the workplace. It may for the family or to save young people from drugs, but it is essential to have a dream, a goal in life.

Just as the ship sets sail and heads straight to the port of landing. Marco, in this regard, is a volcano of ideas. His great passion for sport led him to the summit of Bimota, a famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer, where, together with Daniele Longoni, he will pursue the goals of this great company known throughout the world.

His recipe? “Prepare a clear broth and therefore ethical, add elements that, your going to cut up and mix well, then take a nice piece of dream and stick it in, and cover everything up when objective has been achieved, not 1 minute before”.