December 2007


Once he landed in St. Petersburg he noted the posters, hung all over the city, with his face printed on it. This only added to his excitement which was already through the roof. On the evening of the concert, Marco hugged his guitar to his chest and threw himself into the chaos. He took the stage and broke loose, playing Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Deep Purple until getting an unexpected request, a piece of Adriano Celentano. Mark began to sing, sending all present into rapture. At the end of the evening he found himself signing autographs for over an hour and was even interviewed, just like a rock star. It did not take long to realize that music can be much more than just a hobby for fun, without a specific purpose. He realized that the power of this universal communication tool, which generates interest and rationality in people, makes things better. This becoming an ideal condition to raise money in favor of the unfortunate! Marco can take advantage of his passion to raise awareness of humanitarian and charitable activities that are so dear to him. He goes to play at parties and events which raises funds for charitable causes. And this is precisely one of his greatest satisfactions: to be able to positively influence many people, only thanks to his guitar and his love for music.