May 2013

Interview in the Ticino Corriere

Melide, we can not build with dreams.

An interview with Marco Chiancianesi, promoting the new residence Villa Branca Born from the ashes of the old building , which anticipated the eventual fate of the old Villa, Romantica.

In Melide, in a few years , Chiancianesi & Longoni will have played a role in the destinies of two buildings representing the culture of Melide. First, Villa Branca, demolished a year and a half ago where a new residence is blooming and will carry the same name and now the Villa Romantic where the bulldozers are already gearing up. But how do you live on the other side of the fence , or of property developers in this situation? We spoke with Marco Chiancianesi, owner with Daniele Longoni of the Chiancianesi & Longoni Studio, and with the architect, Claudia Mazzoli on the following the project Villa Branca. “Precise immediately”, says Chiancianesi, “we are not who have demolished Villa Branca. Politicians were the instigators. We do business, but we do not change the story. In fact, at Cassarate we have integrated a villa of the 800s in the new complex, Via Pico. In Melide that wouldn’t have been possible.”

No regrets?

“If I were to speak from the heart , reason in a certain way, as an entrepreneur, I have to think in another. La Villa Romantica in Ticino is a symbolic image like a postcard. Lugano is open to a certain kind of international business and you’re selling to these people. The concept is that type of Lugano story will be no more, starting from the dialect. Bignasca, when he spoke of the Indian reservation he didn’t have all points right. What architectural value does the Villa Romantica have? “In Lugano”, says the architect, Mazzoli, “everything was demolished and more, and now you start problems? I have a degree in restoration and conservation, so in theory I should be the one inclined to maintain that. Villa Branca had nothing to conserve, it was all fake and if you want to conserve Villa Romantic it needs to have a purpose, which certainly can not be commercial. At this point they should buy the institutions. To conserve you need a plan with restrictions and prohibitions.”

Let’s go back to your Villa Branca.

“Safety on the mountain side”, concludes Chiancianesi, “has slowed the process. This phase will end from 3 to 4 months, then starts the construction. The finishing of the building should take place around mid-2015. There are 41 apartments, with 3.5 to 5.5 rooms in each. Of high standing, there are the luxury penthouses, with sustainable energy solution. There is also a piece of land by the lake that will be expropriated by the City and which will leave us an area for exclusive use. Prices will be about 13,000 francs per meter. We have already sold half of the apartments, which are also open for purchase as a secondary residence.