Marco Chiancianesi



The passion for challenges and the expertise of Marco does not only reflect in his prestigious career as a manager, and builder, but also in numerous humanitarian activities he has been supporting for years. Mark strives to raise funds for the problem areas of the planet.

The thing that prompts him to dedicate a substantial part of his free time to help, is first and foremost an innate feeling, a sort of instinct, as he explains, which “no one can feel the suffering of others without doing something about it.” Helping, Mark says, is one of the most beautiful thing there is.

The spontaneous ability to “know how to listen,” in all its forms is an integral part.

A certain sensitivity can be reflected in taking care of a child, a friend, a colleague, as well as the entire population, in which now is experiencing an extremely difficult time.

In this regard, among the projects which Mark is most proud of, is the one that led him to Haiti which was brought to its knees by the devastating earthquake of 2010. Marco organized various events in Italy and in Europe, managing to collect a substantial figure, to be donated to the inhabitants of the island. Together with his family and some friends, they went to Haiti, to see the situation and see how these funds would be actually used.

Marco does not limit himself when it comes to helping. He uses his knowledge and skill to help build a center for the orphans. Over 150 small Haitians are helped, thanks to the construction of a real village equipped with tents, toilets, electricity and kitchens. Here the children, despite the chaos that reigns on the island, they can find refuge in absolute safety, even managing to study, thanks to the presence of teachers.

The richness and power of this experience may, perhaps, be represented by an anecdote, seemingly ordinary, but transmits to Marco priceless feeling of happiness. One day Mark asked the kids who lived in the village to collect all the pieces of glass from the ground.

A small emergency but in fact it happens that the children, who walk barefoot everywhere, get cut all the time.

Once the work was completed at the end of the day, Mark brought them all to the supermarket and told them to get whatever they wanted. It was his way of thanking them.

“It’s so hard to imagine the light that sparkled in their eyes,” says Mark, “in their eyes I saw a whole life of waste, deprivation, lack of care. All of a sudden this light was born of love, recognition, for once feeling important and I realized I was the one to cause it. I had given them a new perspective on humanity. Nothing could ever overcome that feeling. After this day, some of them even began to call him dad.

In October, 2013, Marco gave life to the project Chiancianesi for Children, with the aim of bringing together under the same guidance all the charities linked to him: first of all, the construction of a primary school in Rwanda. The web-site is constantly updated on the developments of such works and provides information on charity events in program.


Marco also supports and promotes various social awareness campaigns, including “Say No to Drugs”, which warns, especially young people, from the thing, that is one of the worst plagues of our world. The aim is essentially preventive and it is in fact to explain, clearly and in detail, what the consequences for taking drugs are, so that everyone can make their opinion and act accordingly. The issue is not only those who take this path, but also those who suffer its consequences, more or less indirectly. Marco has collected funds to support and promote this project. He combined humanitarian activities with two passions that he grew up with from childhood: music and sports.

He made it by joining humanitarian activities with two passions he pursues since when he was young: music and sports.

Marco is also committed to helping open new Scientology Churches that help you take responsibility for improving the environment and spreading correct information on the many problems that afflict our society: drugs, inappropriate use of psychotropic drugs, human rights violations, but also the knowledge of ethics and justice. All this in order to create a healthy society where able people can expand, be an example and help others. The dream is a society without insanity.