Marco Chiancianesi



“If, years ago, I would have been told I would have reached half of the half of what I have realized I would have not believed it.” This is Mark’s comments on his success in the world of entrepreneurship and building which was built on talent and hard work. In this field, he explains, that he has exceeded his target. Money for him has never been a goal. What has always pushed him instead was the desire to put into practice his knowledge and to just get involved in general. His reward was the satisfaction of creating a great product. Marco loves his work! He explains, “I have chosen him and not him me.” The push in this area is the sum of the necessities of life: for example, the desire to succeed, to support his family and to finance beneficial campaigns. Just his desire to help is hugely related to his business success. “I think I’m satisfied and that’s I’m focusing on the humanitarian activities.” says Mark. “There is still so much to do to make this planet civilized and make sure that it is not just a front”, Mark also added. Mark is not only a manager who knows the world of construction in all its aspects , but it is also a professional who finds a solution when others just see trouble. On one occasion, in particular, he began a project in an area considered problematic. Many try to make him fail. Once completed, these same people realized his plan was a success and had also helped improve the area. For Marco materials “in the future“ don’t exist from a point of view in construction. Nature, in fact, already provides us with everything we need to create safe, comfortable and durable structures.

On the contrary, as far as home automation and other “smart” devices, within our homes, technology is making great strides and achieved amazing levels. In all, the square meters made by Marco are 250 thousand, between commercial and residential areas. When asked in his services are better than others, Marco replies that they are made specifically for the customer. And this is the yardstick of judgement with which we measure the quality of our products. That is the real success. Often the figure of the manufacturer is associated with that of the speculator, but that is a mistake. The finishing of a product leads only to a constant competition to be the most talented, the richest, most powerful.

The recognition and sincere admiration by the customer, that got what he wanted and invested for, that is the real wealth. That is something that spurs you on to work your best. Marco is currently working on a very ambitious project for the construction of a luxury residence, consisting of over 40 apartments, on the lake of Lugano. “It will work,” says Mark, “this project will enhance the character and attractiveness of the coast, including the towns; Morcote and Melide which are the most beautiful towns on the south-west of the city.” One of the people that has influenced Marco from the point of view of ethics and discipline in the work is his father. A man who has always been respected by Marco because of the rules taught in life, as well as for his dedication to his family. Another important figure for his training and the achievement of his objectives is his wife, who, as he himself says, encouraged him to always have confidence in himself.

“As a boy I was always very resourceful,” dice Marco, “but I didn’t honestly think I could really aim that high. My wife has always pushed me to believe in my abilities”. Another point of reference for Marco is Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. The readings of his works has unveiled the mysteries of the spiritual universe. A journey that he describes as “incredible”, “I realized the influence that each of us carries when that person is in top condition and I have learned how to be “fit“, spiritually speaking. In essence I have learned to be a person willing to give help and is in a great condition. The need to receive, have, and control, causes a high level of insecurity and degradation. “Having bettered myself”, adds Mark, “ I am absolutely for helping and that is the essence of the basic personality of each one of us.”