June 2006


In June 2006, Marco went beyond the amateurism by participating in Ironman. The Ironman identifies the hard work and risk with the winning features that are prerogatives of winning. Perhaps the king of all these challenges, the one that scares you just saying the name, is the Ironman 70.3. It is a tough triathlon competition that includes: 1 km and 900 meters of swimming , 90 km of biking and 21 km and 100 meters of running. A challenge of this kind can not be overcome only with physical preparation, which included 3 months of hard daily training, but also with an unwavering mental strength. One evening in April he decides to go train at Lake Lugano with Igor (one of the best athletes of Ironman in Switzerland). The 55 F° water temperature definitely discourages Marco from entering. He starts to go in and instantly tries to leave before hearing Igor yelling at him “You are an ironman. Back in the water! “It was like the scene from the movie “Rocky”, in which Stallone is about to succumb to his opponent and the coach reminds him of the “eye of the tiger.” From moment Marco began to train with commitment and perseverance , ignoring all fatigue and suffering. The Ironman, for Marco, was one of the most difficult challenges he has had to face in the world of sports. He thought that with every km done he was 1 km closer to the finish line, and that if he had managed to get up there , he was going to make it , in some way, reach the finish line whatever the cost.