May 2013

Daniele Longoni

My name is Daniele Longoni and Marco is a great friend of mine!!! I have to say that in my life I have never met an individual that was so interested in helping and lending a hand to others. Im very fortunate to be his friend and seen the fact that i also have worked with him for 12 years now, he has been an amazing teacher of life to me. Other than work related activities we also have many interests in common like music, the love of motors and other various activities. Every time we meet he always leaves a trace of happiness and positivity in my life. We were together doing humanitarian work in Haiti after the disastrous earthquake and we were also together in some tough situations that brought us even closer together. Seen all the things that happen in this world and how we have always relied on the joy we have gotten doing humanitarian work for this planet, even in hard situations and we have also come to realize how certain things happen on this planet and how important it is to do something about it and be united as much as possible. All this just demonstrates what a beautiful person Marco is. There is a saying, “He who finds a real friend, finds a treasure”. I have to admit that I have found a mine full of treasure! I feel it is important that Marco knows what he means to me as a friend. “Thank you Marco for doing what you do and being how you are. Continue on being that amazing person for I admire you and wish to be as great as you one day!”