September 2009


Often it’s necessities that bring out our true capacity, of which we ourselves, until that time ,were never really aware of. The first step, which marked the beginning of the prestigious career of Mark, was to decide to become independent and manage his work without the interference of others. There are always difficulties, but the desire to fly and the need to get rid of the chains holding you down, are such as to be worth every risk. The project that Marco is most proud of is the first major site created. It was an important job, challenging and full of obstacles that would of scared anyone. Marco also had to raise the funds necessary for the construction of the village of about 50 apartments and also organized the whole technical part. He realized that he must truly have confidence in himself in order to accomplish projects such as that one. A great help in this endeavor was his partner and friend Daniele Longoni. You decide that all will go well and it will be a success. That is how it works.