June 2010


Regarding challenges, one day Marco decided to join the league R1Cup affiliated with the CIV, the highest competition of Italian motorcycling, at 50 years and without any experience. His first “taste” of motorcycle riding was, in fact, two years earlier. He found himself at Mugell, on a track called “the university of motorcycling.” The weather definitively did help as it was pouring rain. Common sense suggested that he didn’t have a chance at qualifying. There was too much water, visibility was poor and some drivers have already fallen. Just when he was about to leave and throw in the towel, he wondered whether it was worth trying anyways for the emotion must have been incredible. So he decided to take the jump. He warms up the bike and leaves and it’s a success! He gets a time that he would have never imagined to get only a few months before, and once crossed the finish line, finds out he wasn’t even in last place. He wa amazed and extremely happy. Marco has found a way to take use of this passion for sports, in addition to music, to help others. Its the races that, in fact, help sponsor humanitarian activities and are an opportunity to distribute information phamplets on helping.