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  • 05 November 2013

    At EICMA 2013 with Bimota

    Bimota will be participating to EICMA, the most important worldwide expo of four-wheelers. Starting on November 7th to 10th at Stand 10/C64 in Milano Expo, new releases will be showing, especially the latest BB3, 4 cylinder BMW engine enclosed in one of the classic wonder-casing taylor made by Bimota.

    Bimota, who turned 40 this year, will show up with a brand new look, relaunched by the enthusiasm of the new property, managers Marco Chiancianesi e Daniele Longoni, who not only took charge of commercial and administrative side of Bimota, they mainly took up the energy that defines this brand dream since ever, being themselves big fans of motors. In fact, in addition to the appointment of November 6 at 11.30AM at Bimota Stand, for opening conference, new manager of Bimota Marco Chiancianesi will be guest of another event of EICMA 2013: his award ceremony for the recent victories at Italian Amateurs Competition.

    Nothing better than this to take a look to this even more glorios future for Bimota!

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  • 15 October 2013

    Misano Classic con Bimota e Marco Chiancianesi

    On the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th of October thousands from all over the world will arrive at Misano Circuit to hear the roar of motorcycles that have made the history of the course of motorcycling. This is Misano Classic Weekend.

    More than a trade show , more than just a show : Misano Classic Weekend will be a fantastic journey through time in the years of production and the success of Bimota .

    It starts Friday at 9:00 with a tour of the nature areas, while the champions of endurance will be on the tracks for free practice. At 15:30 the new president of Bimota, Marco Chiancianesi, will welcome all present within the Bimota factory for a guided tour of the workshop. Then we will move the Autodromo Santamonica and at dusk, the evening continues in the pits with a jam session together with the rock band of Marco Chiancianesi. Saturday the 19th, after the departure of the second tour, you can try the modern Bimota motorcycles and exchange small talk with the new owners and other enthusiasts. Sunday the 20th, those who want can watch the race at Misano circuit, or move to Castelletto (PV) for the “ party of the first twin cylinder “ where you can try the Bimota motorcycles out in the street.

    All info can be found here.

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  • 03 October 2013

    Marco Chiancianesi Between Music Solidarity

    On October 10th at 20.00 the office of Chiancianesi & Longoni will host the music of “ Unity Wave”, the formation of the same Marco Chiancianesi , as part of charity event “ Rock 4 Rwanda”. The purpose of this evening is to donate the proceeds from the sale of tickets to Manishimwe Association, an association that has been involved in supporting the children of the small town of Masaka , located near Kigali, capital of Rwanda. In particular, the project in progress is to build a primary school. Marco Chiancianesi, wants to help but not only financially but to help carry forward the dream of many families in Masaka which is to give a chance to the future of their children.

    The families of Masaka are the most important people, through the voice of the president of the Manishimwe, James Baruffaldi, who will talk about his experience in the community and will present the progress made by the children in school and the daily work of many volunteers who work with passion.

    The final moment of the evening will consist of the sale, by auction, of small items of Rwanda and of course the proceeds from the auction will go entirely to fund the project .

    To take part in the evening call 00(41)-076-373-2372.

    For any further information please visit the website:

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  • 25 September 2013

    The Man That Combines Sport, Music, Business and Humanitariun Work

    Marco Chiancianesi is a man of infinite virtues. He is a manager and builder by profession, but also an athlete, philanthropist and musician. His name, Chiancianesi Longoni, appears in real estate all over Ticino and from this it is easy to see the leadership that characterizes this man and his passion for the exclusive properties of Switzerland. The same passion that enriches his heart is solidarity and unity and that ties in with humanitarian projects. Sport is certainly one of the most competitive aspects of his character, which taught him from a young age, discipline and respect for rules. He defines himself as “one who never gives up ,” and for this not only holds results that are truly admirable but teaches that perseverance pays off in life , you only need to commit to go all the way. For Marco, 2006 was a very important year where he undertook one of his toughest challenges; a triathlon of 1 km and 900 meters of swimming , 90 kms of biking and 21 kms and 100 meters of running. In this challenge you not only need physical strength but also mental. This was probably the real challenge that Marco needed to face to reach the finish line. Just as we appreciate the sport, we can not forget about the musician. Marco loves art and somehow manages to transform it into his own. Like many of his concerts there was one so beautiful we must mention. Held in December 2007 in St. Petersburg , Marco was able to communicate with his guitar beyond just music. This music that comes to the heart and excites and moves you was not only his This music that comes to the heart and excites and moves you was not only his personal success, but a success given to those who really needed something to smile about. In September 2009, arrives another challenge for Marco: complete the Summer Village. This is one of his most anticipated projects. It made him finally free and able to manage the work according to his own ideas and this was yet another confirmation that freedom is priceless. Then in February of 2010 he went to Haiti to help the victims of the earthquake. Marco helped organize events and raise money. The children were the most exciting part of his life they are his courage. For these children he would not hesitate to leave everything to be with them. This year, in February, another major project filled Marco with pride: the great project of Villa Branca. It is a project which has the aim of improving the character of the coast, which could make it even more attractive and fascinating. All this determination to the search continues with the good and right and also comes with the most important figures in his life , which are his father and his wife. “All great deeds and kindness rely on the fact that reality and stability comes from the solid foundation of a family. From this are born the men and women that grow to become successful.” Marco Chiancianesi



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  • 03 May 2013

    Interview in the Ticino Corriere

    Melide, we can not build with dreams.

    An interview with Marco Chiancianesi, promoting the new residence Villa Branca Born from the ashes of the old building , which anticipated the eventual fate of the old Villa, Romantica.

    In Melide, in a few years , Chiancianesi & Longoni will have played a role in the destinies of two buildings representing the culture of Melide. First, Villa Branca, demolished a year and a half ago where a new residence is blooming and will carry the same name and now the Villa Romantic where the bulldozers are already gearing up. But how do you live on the other side of the fence , or of property developers in this situation? We spoke with Marco Chiancianesi, owner with Daniele Longoni of the Chiancianesi & Longoni Studio, and with the architect, Claudia Mazzoli on the following the project Villa Branca. “Precise immediately”, says Chiancianesi, “we are not who have demolished Villa Branca. Politicians were the instigators. We do business, but we do not change the story. In fact, at Cassarate we have integrated a villa of the 800s in the new complex, Via Pico. In Melide that wouldn’t have been possible.”

    No regrets?

    “If I were to speak from the heart , reason in a certain way, as an entrepreneur, I have to think in another. La Villa Romantica in Ticino is a symbolic image like a postcard. Lugano is open to a certain kind of international business and you’re selling to these people. The concept is that type of Lugano story will be no more, starting from the dialect. Bignasca, when he spoke of the Indian reservation he didn’t have all points right. What architectural value does the Villa Romantica have? “In Lugano”, says the architect, Mazzoli, “everything was demolished and more, and now you start problems? I have a degree in restoration and conservation, so in theory I should be the one inclined to maintain that. Villa Branca had nothing to conserve, it was all fake and if you want to conserve Villa Romantic it needs to have a purpose, which certainly can not be commercial. At this point they should buy the institutions. To conserve you need a plan with restrictions and prohibitions.”

    Let’s go back to your Villa Branca.

    “Safety on the mountain side”, concludes Chiancianesi, “has slowed the process. This phase will end from 3 to 4 months, then starts the construction. The finishing of the building should take place around mid-2015. There are 41 apartments, with 3.5 to 5.5 rooms in each. Of high standing, there are the luxury penthouses, with sustainable energy solution. There is also a piece of land by the lake that will be expropriated by the City and which will leave us an area for exclusive use. Prices will be about 13,000 francs per meter. We have already sold half of the apartments, which are also open for purchase as a secondary residence.

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  • 02 May 2013

    Misano World Circuit Party

    A dinner to celebrate and toast to the results of the first stage of the “MICHELIN POWER CUP” and “ITALIAN TROPHY AMATEURS” held at the MWC over the weekend of 20-21 April 2013.

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  • 28 April 2013

    Third Position at Misano

    Marco Chiancianesi won third place in the competition on two wheels held in the famous circuit of Misano (Mugello). A great result for a great lover of the high speed racing!





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  • 20 December 2012

    Office Dinner 2012

    A Christmas corporate event, where all the friends and customers of Marco are invited to this fabulous dinner at which he also performed the Maze Band giving the night magical musical moments with Mark on guitar and Daniele Longoni the singer.

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