Marco Chiancianesi


  • Bruno Zanini

    Marco and I met while doing a sport we both love and that was motorcycle racing. From that day we shared and appreciated a lot of subjects we had in common like sport, style of life, an ethical code and more. These kind of things are rare to find and the people who share these qualities are special and are to be appreciated. The vision of all these healthy and authentic principles only helps to strengthen the bond and friendship between us. Marco is always smiling and available to listen to others and give the best suggestions to help solve their problems and better their lives. This is Marco, one special person. – Bruno Zanini

    Bruno Zanini
  • Michael Rogers

    Marco and I met randomly while I was searching for an apartment for my family and I in the Mendrisiotto area in Ticino. I found myself friendly chit chatting with Marco in his office one day. We talked about many things like his work, his professional career in which he talked with much enthusiasm, his passions which bicycling is one we have in common to sport in general and also his desire to constantly try new things and better himself as a person. One day by chance I got a chance to discover another great talent of Marco at the Christmas office dinner, which was music! In fact during the dinner he entertained all the guests at the dinner by singing and playing his guitar. I might also add that he played and sang with the skill of a real professional. I congratulate Marco on always making it to the top with determinism and enthusiasm.

    Michael Rogers
  • Daniele Longoni

    My name is Daniele Longoni and Marco is a great friend of mine!!! I have to say that in my life I have never met an individual that was so interested in helping and lending a hand to others. Im very fortunate to be his friend and seen the fact that i also have worked with him for 12 years now, he has been an amazing teacher of life to me. Other than work related activities we also have many interests in common like music, the love of motors and other various activities. Every time we meet he always leaves a trace of happiness and positivity in my life. We were together doing humanitarian work in Haiti after the disastrous earthquake and we were also together in some tough situations that brought us even closer together. Seen all the things that happen in this world and how we have always relied on the joy we have gotten doing humanitarian work for this planet, even in hard situations and we have also come to realize how certain things happen on this planet and how important it is to do something about it and be united as much as possible. All this just demonstrates what a beautiful person Marco is. There is a saying, “He who finds a real friend, finds a treasure”. I have to admit that I have found a mine full of treasure! I feel it is important that Marco knows what he means to me as a friend. “Thank you Marco for doing what you do and being how you are. Continue on being that amazing person for I admire you and wish to be as great as you one day!”

    Daniele Longoni
  • Danilo Marrancone

    I met Marco during a course of motorcycle riding at Mugello in which I was the instructor. I instantly noticed that this successful business man was a humble but fun and spontaneous person who also very much dedicated to his family and friends even with many his commitments to work. Right away we found ourselves in tune and today I am happy to say that he is a friend that I can joke around with, have fun and share many passions with. In short, he was a real find!

    Danilo Marrancone
  • Ascanio Rodorigo

    If I had to describe Marco with adjectives I would say he was phenomenal! He is a real sports person and he throws himself in any challenge without any fears. He does this with perseverance until he reaches his goals! This are the characteristics of a warrior from another time. I am happy I’m his friend and I can share with him the games and passions of life.

    Ascanio Rodorigo
  • Fabrizio Zampetti

    I have met many important people in my life, but I think Marco is the most valuable of all. He is a successful and brilliant businessman that with his set of principles can create positive situations that others would never see. Also I have seen the desire in him to help others who are in trouble. For example in his support to Haiti! It ‘an honor to have him as a counselor to success in business, the society needs to valuable people like you … Keep it up! With admiration, Fabrizio Zampetti

    Fabrizio Zampetti
  • Marina Marchesini

    I consider myself one of the Marco’s best friends. This friendship has bound us for many years now and that’s also because we share similar humanitarian goals which are very important. I find that Marco is free-spirited, loyal, unconventional and is able to live life as a game. Him and his wife Elena are my wedding witnesses and have my utmost respect and love.

    Marina Marchesini
  • Enrico Marchesini

    I met Mark 10 years ago and since then, although we live in different countries, we have shared many important moments that are the envy at the “Around the World in 80 Days”! Why are we friends? Because Marco is a person that creates life, because it is sensitive to the helping and every day does his part on ensuring that there is a better planet to live. Other than this I have loads of fun with him in the little free time that we have together: tennis, biking, football until we drop! Finally, because every great man has great woman by his side: Elena, his wife, is a great woman and is exactly what he deserves! Together they form a couple that when one if not there it feels like there is a void.

    Enrico Marchesini
  • Tony Pompilio

    Mark is one of those people that are rarely encountered in life. Sometimes you lose him and suddenly find him again and you realize he never left, but you just couldnt see it. A great man with a big heart. – Tony Pompilio

    Tony Pompilio
  • Igor Nastic

    The moment that I met Marco took place in early May a few years ago on the banks of the icy waters of Lake Lugano. That day he had asked me a few tips on the Ironman 70.3 in Rapperswil. Since he had never swam with a wetsuit and especially in the water that did not exceed 18 degrees, I had no choice but to initiate him into the world of endurance sports. Marco would swim for 30 minutes without stopping in the water and within a few weeks, not only managed to impress me for his incredible dedication in training but also impressed me more on the most beautiful part for a sportsman and that was finishing his first triathlon with a smile on his face. Marco is a person full of energy at 360 degree-turn, tenacious in sports and impressive with electric guitar playing pieces of Jimi Hendrix and The Eagles. This is the friend Marco: a bicycle, a guitar, a glass of good wine with friends and so many dreams to fulfill.

    - Igor Nastic , teacher and champion of Ticino Triathlon.

    Igor Nastic
  • Hrvoje Popovic

    I met Mark in the context of a passion that we share: the world of two wheels. When he presented himself in my shop Dream Bikes in Bellinzona I realized that I was facing a person with clear ideas and full of enthusiasm. From the consulting of improve his cycling between Ticino and Florida was created a bond of friendship. Bond that has grown stronger over time, and that allowed me to get to know a wonderful person with very deep human values. From bicycles it passed to motorcycles because like Marco I also have a passion for motorcycles. And last but not least, his musical talent to my ears is a feeling never felt before. Mark is an enthusiastic person, full of life. For this reason I consider him a dear and precious friend. Thanks Mark!

    - Hrvoje “Popo” Popovic, owner of the shop Dream Bikes in Bellinzona.

    Hrvoje Popovic
  • Francesco Tolve

    Sono orgoglioso di avere come amico e come cliente Marco Chiancianesi, un uomo d’altri tempi quando la stretta di mano era considerata più di mille contratti scritti. Marco è un uomo a cui dare fiducia in tutti i sensi. La cosa che più mi piace di Marco è la sua schiettezza e il suo prendere la vita sempre con una marcia in più, sempre col sorriso. Mi piace vederlo impegnato in sfide “impossibili”, questo si avvicina tantissimo al mio modo di pensare. La sua grinta e la sua intenzione nel realizzare progetti ed imprese é trascinante e travolgente! Nel sociale ho visto Marco davvero impegnato … è come se gli stessero a cuore davvero tutti indistintamente …. se ne prende cura in maniera TOTALE! – Francesco Tolve di Thirty Seconds Milano

    Francesco Tolve