Marco Chiancianesi


Action Beyond Any Limit

Sports, affairs and life have a lot in common. Marco has always been athletic and a lover of challenges, the type of challenges that push you beyond your limit and make you confront your fears. From motorcycle racing and soccer tournaments to challenges considered extreme in the world of sports.

Perhaps the king of all these challenges , the one that scares you just saying the name, is the Ironman 70.3. It is a tough triathlon competition that includes: 1 km and 900 meters of swimming , 90 km of biking and 21 km and 100 meters of running. A challenge of this kind can not be overcome only with physical preparation , which included 3 months of hard daily training, but also with an unwavering mental strength.

One evening in April he decides to go train at Lake Lugano with Igor (one of the best athletes of Ironman in Switzerland). The 55 F° water temperature definitely discourages Marco from entering. He starts to go in and instantly tries to leave before hearing Igor yelling at him “You are an ironman. Back in the water! “It was like the scene from the movie “Rocky”, in which Stallone is about to succumb to his opponent and the coach reminds him of the “eye of the tiger.” From moment Marco began to train with commitment and perseverance, ignoring all fatigue and suffering. The Ironman, for Marco, was one of the most difficult challenges he has had to face in the world of sports. He thought that with every km done he was 1 km closer to the finish line, and that if he had managed to get up there, he was going to make it, in some way, reach the finish line whatever the cost.

of swimming in the Ironman to finish in two hours and a half starting at 7:00am
of bicycling before 5:30pm of the same day
of running to finally complete the Ironman by midnight of the same day

In general, however, the physical form is important to Mark just as much as the spiritual side. Mark’s typical day begins early in the morning, with an energetic breakfast, before heading off to work until 6:00 pm. He puts much attention in his daily nutrition as “fuel” is essential for the body. “I have learned to understand my body and i know how to treat it as well.” says Mark, who in the evening is devoted to physical activity and band practice, two passions that he can fully enjoy, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Changing the routine only if there are events or commitments in sight. In that case training and practice sessions are scheduled during the day and even in the morning. During the summer, the alarm rings as early as 5:30, in which Marco takes time to go bike riding. His sport schedule is based on specific programs, based on the objectives to be achieved. Sports have always encouraged and pushed Marco not only to improve and to commit until the end, but it has also helped him understand himself, to better understand what he is made of.

58 goals scored officially as a central defender
16 championships played
2 championships won in his soccer teams

One soccer match, against a team from South America, where Marco and his companions, still kids, were literally torn apart (14-0 being the final result). Yet, as recounted by their coach after the game, the only one that tried to turn the situation around until the last moment and never got discouraged was Marco Chiancianesi. Soccer brings out a character, competitiveness and teamwork. Traits that have proved to be fundamental in his life. Marco is considered as “the one who never gives up and fights ‘till the end”, in all fields. It wasn’t chance that his coaches, when it came to winning, always put Marco in the middle of everything, for his leadership qualities. This same approach is reflected in business: “You believe, until the end. There is no time to weep for small losses but to win big.”

Mark’s other passion , a love that combines sport and adrenaline and that is motorcycle racing, where he gets up too 292 km / h.

Regarding challenges, one day Marco decided to join the league R1Cup affiliated with the CIV, the highest competition of Italian motorcycling, at 50 years and without any experience. His first “taste” of motorcycle riding was, in fact, two years earlier. He found himself at Mugello, on a track called“ the university of motorcycling.” The weather definetively did help as it was pouring rain. Common sense suggested that he didn’t have a chance at qualifying. There was too much water, visibility was poor and some drivers have already fallen. Just when he was about to leave and throw in the towel, he wondered whether it was worth trying anyways for the emotion must have been incredible. So he decided to take the jump. He warms up the bike and leaves and it’s a success! He gets a time that he would have never imagined to get only a few months before, and once crossed the finish line, finds out he wasn’t even in last place. He was amazed and extremely happy.

Marco has found a way to take use of this passion for sports, in addition to music, to help others. Its the races that, in fact, help sponsor humanitarian activities and are an opportunity to distribute information phamplets on helping.

In September 2013 he was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive of the new property Bimota, a famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer, world-famous for the quality of the bikes and the uniqueness that each piece represents. Here, passion and determination go hand in hand with his grit that he has been able to show in the first few occasions. Without a doubt, today the new Bimota has a new energy and is ready to prove it with Marco Chiancianesi and Daniele Longoni at the top.