November 2013

At EICMA 2013 with Bimota

Bimota will be participating to EICMA, the most important worldwide expo of four-wheelers. Starting on November 7th to 10th at Stand 10/C64 in Milano Expo, new releases will be showing, especially the latest BB3, 4 cylinder BMW engine enclosed in one of the classic wonder-casing taylor made by Bimota.

Bimota, who turned 40 this year, will show up with a brand new look, relaunched by the enthusiasm of the new property, managers Marco Chiancianesi e Daniele Longoni, who not only took charge of commercial and administrative side of Bimota, they mainly took up the energy that defines this brand dream since ever, being themselves big fans of motors. In fact, in addition to the appointment of November 6 at 11.30AM at Bimota Stand, for opening conference, new manager of Bimota Marco Chiancianesi will be guest of another event of EICMA 2013: his award ceremony for the recent victories at Italian Amateurs Competition.

Nothing better than this to take a look to this even more glorios future for Bimota!